About Us

A little bit about how we got started

AfterDark Theatre has been creating and designing Circus shows and concepts since its inception in 2007. Starting off as a producer, an MC and handful of circus artists operating in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, AfterDark has now grown to over 100 highly skilled circus, sideshow and variety artists, a team of designers and event producers connected worldwide with connections to major circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Circus Oz,  and countless European circus' across the world.

Having humble beginnings in 2007 as a black- light theatre company, AfterDark Theatre created its Debut Circus show ‘Runtime Error’. This was, at the time a ground-breaking performance, fusing black light illusionary techniques with physical theatre and circus. In 2009 ADT produced the production of ‘Limbo – requiem’, which was an inter-art circus piece utilising puppetry and advanced lighting techniques.

 In 2008, AfterDark Theatre began creating bespoke event entertainment, for a  range of high-end clients in Melbourne. Since then, AfterDark's artists and designers have been wowing audiences at private functions and public events worldwide.

Since then, ADT have become Circus producing veterans and have produced and or designed a number of award- winning productions, including in their portfolio Barbaroi, PDC Rock!, They Say She’s Different, Trash Test Dummies, Pappilion, We Should Quit and Element of Consequence.

AfterDark add their unique touch in design, lighting and atmosphere creation, to finely compliment the artists’ vision. These productions have won a string of fringe awards, as well as being nominated for numerous green room awards, including winning ‘Best Venue’ for the design of the butterfly club in 2012.

In 2014 AfterDark was invited to be the technical Co-ordinators for ‘Gluttony,’ an outdoor art focussed garden for the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Adelaide Fringe is the second largest Fringe festival in the world selling almost 500,000 tickets in 2014, and Gluttony is a centrepiece of the Festival's outdoor program. AfterDark successfully designed, staffed and operated 4 weeks of multiple productions; culminating in a total of over 25 productions. AfterDark has returned yearly to the role, managing over 10 venues, 2 acres of outdoor parkland, and over 70 productions.