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Circus shows have never been so easy to get a hold of...

Whether you are an event manager for a roadshow gala or a venue producer looking for an edgy show to book, look no further. After Dark Theatre are continuously collaborating and creating new productions with our design partners. we have a large amount of circus shows available for hire, or straight purchase. We have done all of the hard work to create the shows, so you can focus on your event or tour without the need to get your creative on.

Don't see something you like?

We are able to sit down with you and create a custom production to tailor your needs. We can walk you through the entire process; from budgeting, to concept development, through to creativity. We can also provide the technical know-how of how the circus industry works, guiding you through all of the technical requirements to make your dream production come to life.

I've got a show, I just need to make it happen?

No problem! We are able to supply a team of designers to create the production, and a database of the world's leading circus artists to populate your show. If this is what you need help with, contact us or CLICK HERE.

Merchandise of some of our shows!

Looking to take home a little something from one of our shows? Well now you can! look at our ADT Marketplace! If saw a show and liked it, you can search on our online store to see if there is merchandise.  CLICK HERE to go to the ADT Marketplace