Aerial Acts

An aerialist for your next event, production or function.

From a flying trapeze, to a sultry aerial hoop act. Aerial acts are performances where the artist is suspended above the stage or your audience. These types of acts usually require rigging and a qualified rigger to perform the act. This style of performance will add a whole new dimension and unique touch to your or event. 

aerial strap artists flying across the stage

Types of aerial acts and when to use them.

These kind of acts include Aerial Silks, Rope Acts, Trapeze, Aerial Hoop or Lyra, swinging pole, Cloud swing, Tightwire and Spanish Web.

These artists are suited to be the big moment for your event as featured entertainment. We have also recently created a new category of aerial roving entertainment, as a creative way to have 'eye-candy' in the room; artists sitting on trapeze or an aerialist pouring champagne for your patrons while suspended in the air from the air.

collage of artists, a rope artist, a trapeze chandelier and an aerial silks artists

If you are interested in having some of our circus and variety artists at your next event or function, or want to talk to one of our event specialists, contact us to get a quote

Swinging trapeze, flying trapeze, static trapeze, single point... is it all the same and can it go into my venue?

This is where a few people can get mixed up with rigging requirements. Some versions of the same act may require stronger rigging loads than others. Some acts require a safe working point load of 500kg, where some may require an entire rig set up and multiple points of rigging to hold up the artist and apparatus. This is something that we can talk to you about with our rigging partners to see if these acts are able to be performed in your venue. if not, consider looking at our high impact Ground acts or Ground to Air act for that wow factor to your event.

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