Socially Distant Entertainment or Digital Entertainment

Socially distant or digital entertainment for when 

up-close live performance is not an option

In the modern world, sometimes socially distant entertainment is the only way to entertain clients. It could be due to issues similar to the Covid-19 outbreak, or it could be due to your business needing a strong online presence, live stream of entertainment etc. We are here to help! We can provide a number of socially distant entertainment options, including live performers performing at a distance away from your patrons, digital creatives such as VJ's or multimedia entertainment, or pre-recorded performances of previous productions and or live records.

socially distant entertainment options like an artist behind a protective barrier

What are the types of socially distant entertainment options?

Socially distant entertainment can be delivered either "In-venue" or "Online". The good news is, you can get super creative to deliver these unique entertainment options.

In Venue

Entertainment includes performers live in the venue with appropriate socially distance protocols in place. The performers can be elevated by staging, distanced with hard barriers or staging, or protected by clear barrier such as perspex, dome/ sphere or suspended in the air.

Artist types include:

  • Podium Performers ( Roving performers elevated on stage).
  • Featured Acts or stage shows ( distant from the audience).
  • Specialty Performers ( Such as sphere/ bubble performers)
  • Dancers or artists behind clear wall/ material ( Could be artists submerged in water, behind perspex, backlit shadow performers performing behind materials or fabrics. 
  • Multimedia artists ( Includes Video Jays or VJs) musical acts (DJ) or projection artists.

Entertainment includes performers either performing live in another space in the venue, remotely from an offsite location or pre-recorded entertainment. These can then be projected, produced or played on surfaces, or via a conferencing or streaming based software like Twitch, Zoom, Skype or OBS Studio.

Entertainment types include:

  • Circus or specialty artists performing remotely, delivered into your venue via projection. This can be a great way to decorate the space with a multitude of artists, installation pieces and art.
  • Pre- recorded screenings or live screenings of a production. A live show with a touch of cinema! 
  • Multimedia artists ( Includes Video Jays or VJs) musical acts (DJ) or projection artists.

socially distant performance

Socially distant entertainment is a new layer of entertainment.

Think of socially distant entertainment as a way to compliment your event, as you would with a live performance. This allows you to add to your event in a different way. We highly recommend you utilise both styles of entertainment. We also understand that there will be times where digital delivery of entertainment may be the only option. That is why we have created this new category, and we are standing by, ready to help you make your events, whether live or digital, something truly unique!

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