"If every circus act could be like ‘Society’, there could be a real circus renaissance.."
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A High-Octane Circus where anything goes; Welcome to The BARBAROI

Inspired by the world of shadows where anything goes, and the gritty underbelly of society, BARBAROI is a blend of high octane circus, cabaret and physical theatre. Complimented by finely tuned lighting and special effects, this show will lead audiences down the rabbit-hole and asking, ‘Who are this clan of Circus Misfits?’

man suspended by circus apparatus called straps

After Dark Theatre has teamed up with choreography pioneer Avan Whaite and the creative mind of Stan Ricketson to develop the new, high skilled work BARBAROI, which sold out shows in Adelaide Fringe. After a 2 year hiatus, the BARBAROI are back! They invite you into their dystopian arena for an epic adrenaline-filled circus showdown; not for the feint hearted.

With a cast that has previously worked for Circus OZ, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, One Fell Swoop, Jugglife, Highwire Entertainment, Inner Vision, GOP, Battle Royale and Pallazzo, After Dark Theatre has formed the cast of BARBAROI; a hand-picked crew of the world’s most talented and award-winning performers who have trotted across the globe presenting their breath-taking acts and acrobatic feats. Their skills are unique and have been rarely seen by Australian audiences.

BARBAROI is a flirt with dangerous skills, mixed with some of the world’s sexiest and high skilled artists. Coupled with a dark gritty cyberpunk world and amazing lighting to create a unique experience; BARBAROI is a potent formula for a truly one of a kind production that all audiences will find astonishing.

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