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Circus Shows to Wow your Audience!

After Dark Theatre has a range of breath-taking Circus Shows and productions available. We have also created a number of themed events which you can customise to your liking, including adding the circus artists you wish, as well as scaling how big or how small you want the production to be. If there is a production idea or theme that you can’t see, but would really like for your event, talk to us and let us help you make your idea or concept a reality.

Lets get started!

handstand performer in a circus showArtist from a themed circus show

What’s the difference between a show, custom show, themed event or just an act?

We get this question, a lot. A show is a pre-made production which we have already produced and performed already. The shows run for approximately an hour and are designed to be in a theatre, cabaret, or spiegeltent. The shows can be scaled back; small sections of a show can be performed for corporate events or when a venue wants an excerpt.

A custom show is a show that is built the way you, the client, likes it. The design team will work in conjunction with the client to devise, create and produce the production to their vision.

A themed event is a series of acts that all fall into a genre or style. These events are part production, part design and either the artists, the production content, or both can be delivered to the client. Finally, an act is a small performance that will typically not extend to more than 6-10 minutes. Most acts are 4-6 minutes in duration and vary from having a solo performer, to a troupe of artists.

a collage from paris underground

This is all great, but I don’t know anything about Circus, the jargon or what’s required? Help!

We also have a great resource to help you learn about the different circus acts from different circus shows. Click Here to jump to our Circus Definitions page which has an extensive list of all the types of circus acts around. Or alternatively, check out our Pinterest page with great visuals on the different style of shows, acts and productions we have. 

If you are unsure about what it is that you are exactly looking for, then please feel free to Contact Us via the contact forms. We have a design team that is available and willing to help with your enquiry.

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