Ground to Air Acrobatics

A unique Ground to Air Act for your next Event, Production or Function

Ground to Air acts are performances or acrobatics that usually involve either a solo artist launching a prop into the air or a group of artists throwing another performer into the air. These acts are similar to ground acts but may require rigging, a higher roof height or larger space to perform in. These acts are true show stoppers and work as a climax to your event before you open the dance floor or start your charity auction.

artists collage of types of ground to air acrobatics

Ground to air acrobatics and how to use them?

These kind of acts include Chinese Pole, Foot Juggling, Icarian Games, Russian Bar, Trio Acrobatics, Toss the Girl and Teeterboard.

These artists can be your major number, your show-stopper or the act before your major reveal. Due to the high number of artists that are normally required for these numbers, you can potentially package these types of acts with other ground acts, aerials or roving entertainment.

ground to air acrobatic act know as teeterboard
Requirements for ground to air acrobatics

Some ground to air acts require a heavy amount of planning, others do not. Things to consider when booking any ground to air act are:

  • Is there substantial height in my venue?
  • What is the stage width and length?
  • Does my venue have the appropriate rigging requirements for this act? (Certain acts only)

Try to get as much of the above information as possible so we can see how possible it is to supply these types of acts to you. If you prefer, you can put us in contact with your venue or theatre and we can do all the work for you.

If you are interested in having some of our circus and variety artists at your next event or function, or want to talk to one of our event specialists, contact us to get a quote.

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