"If every circus act could be like ‘Society’, there could be a real circus renaissance.."
Theatre People

An opulent adults only evening, direct from the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The ever elusive Circus Society invite audiences to their exclusive and flamboyant parade. Featuring highly skilled international Cirque artists, the illustrious Melbourne Fringe plays host to this unique event for a limited season.

Influenced by the city of New Orleans and its best party on earth, the Mardi Gras, in the past these infamous festivities were hosted by secret societies competing to uphold the most illustrious party in their quarter. Blending Cajun party culture, French exuberance, Creole Voodoo, Masquerade, and breathtaking acrobatics, Society also serves up audiences an extroverted lighting design and unique styled sound track of live music and original tracks. Nothing is off limits in this indulgent Circus Cabaret.

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About the Author

Anthony Sharpe is a Melbourne based actor and singer.

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Jenny Carol May 12, 2018

We just went and saw this show last night.
It was amazing and we laughed our asses off to.
Fantastic skillful performers and the Melba Spiegel tent was a great atmosphere.

David May 16, 2018

wondering what is “adults only” about it? Look forward to seeing this show!

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