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An Aerialist for your next event, production or function.

Trapeze, Silks? What is an Aerial act?

From a Flying Trapeze, to a sultry Aerial Hoop act. Aerial acts are performances where the artist is suspended above the stage or your audience. This style of performance will add a whole new dimension and unique touch to your or event. Acts can be performed on a number of aerial apparatus including steel hoops, ropes, slings and an array of different shapes, making them an easy enough act to mix into any theme or genre. These acts will work in any larger venue and does not have to always be performed on stage. Many events have the aerialist above a dance-floor or over patrons. Acts include: Silks, Rope, Cloudswing and Trapeze. Most Aerial acts require a single point of rigging, other require two or more. For a look at some types of aerial acts, please see our Pinterest Boards or Circus Definitions pages. 

Aerialist collage including trapeze, silks, rope and other aerialists

What do I need for an Aerial Act?

These types of acts will always require rigging and a qualified rigger to set-up the act. If you would like the apparatus to move up and down as well as the artist, then a rigger will be required to operate a motor or purchase system (A set of counterweight lines). Most single point aerial performances require at least a minimum of 5.5 metres roof clearance from floor to point and at least 3 metres of unobstructed area around the floor of the performance, and surrounding space where the artist will perform from.

Larger set-ups like flying trapeze rigs, tight-wire or swinging based aerials may require more space, hardware and riggers. 

When and where should I use them?

These acts are highly sought after for high impact, high visual aesthetic. An Aerial act is a great way to grab attention before the opening of formalities, or just as an award ceremony is about to begin. Aerials are also great to be used to end formalities and or launch a product, a warm-up for a keynote speaker or as a featured piece of entertainment. Also having artists suspended around in your venue is a very unique way to get your patrons attention.

Artists performing aerial straps, which is an aerial act like a Trapeze

How long does an aerial act run for?

An aerial act normally runs for 4-6 minutes. Sometimes it may be longer but may require the artist or artists to come down for periods of time. Generally, an aerial featured act (not aerial roving) will not exceed more than 10 minutes.  

Is Aerial roving a thing?

Yes! Aerial roving is having artists suspended around your venue or function on trapeze, hoops and other aerial apparatus that allow the artist to sit in a comfortable resting position. The artist slowly moves from position to position and is more a character in the space. This is not an act, they do not run a routine and are more a visual aid to assist in the theme of the larger event. Aerial sets within an hour may be 3 x 10 minute sets per hour, allowing the aerialist time to rest in between. Aerial sets normally do not extend beyond 20 minutes per set due to the exhausting nature of being suspended. Some aerial roving also includes aerial pourers, who sit on a trapeze, hoop or harness and pour champagne from the air to your patrons.

A collage of artists, from trapeze based champagne pourers, to rope artists and fabric performers

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