Charlie Carbone’s Cotton Club

Charlie Carbone's Cotton Club

-"After Dark Theatre must be Applauded" - Artshub review of Charlie Carbone's Cotton Club.

Charlie Carbone's Cotton club; that classic prohibition wiseguy cabaret show

Be greeted by Charlie’s hilarious security before Charlie takes you on a tour of the club, meeting and greeting all of Charlies ‘connections’ and ‘friends’ from shady guys in suits, to floozies that have a little too much to drink. The show is part immersive, part theatre, encouraging its patrons to get lost in the roaring New York Club near the end of prohibition. 

Be treated like a VIP while Charlie introduces an amazing cast of talented circus, and variety performers for a jaw dropping custom show. The show is able to be customised for a number of set-ups, including a restaurant/ dance hall hybrid. 

With an idea of the entertainment being available before the patrons enter the venue, this show is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience and is a great Idea for ‘theme’ nights. It's a shotgun wedding of dinner, theatre and circus. Come in, sit down, Charlie's got you covered.


After Dark Theatre Must be Applauded!

M. May
Arts Hub

a collage of photos from charlie carbone's cotton club

About Charlie Carbone's Cotton Club

  • A Customisable Show
  • Can suit a variety of venues: Cabaret/ in the round/ Catwalk/ Theatre/ Tent
  • Best suited for Dinner Theatre experience
  • Has Ground Circus Acts
  • Has Ground to Air Circus Acts
  • Aerial Acts in full version of the show
  • Has Non Circus Acts
  • Show is family friendly 
  • Effects like Smoke/ Haze/ Strobe
  • Show can be set-up, performed and packed down in one day.

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