Festoon and string lights for your next major event!

Festoon lights (also known as café lights or party lights) are those traditional, big bulb garland lights you see hanging at fairgrounds in American movies from the 1950s. They’re the oversized glass globes, usually in warm whites or multi coloured, and they’re so very in right now.

Originally used to describe wreaths and garlands hung at celebrations and banquets, the word “festoon” (from the Latin festum, meaning “feast”) actually refers to the shape the lights make when hung loosely in a “swag”. Traditionally, these festoon lights have been made from glass, but now there are plastic variants available.

Festoons are the perfect choice for many a special occasion. Particularly popular for weddings, festoon lights are manufactured to IP44 standard, which means you can use them outdoors even if it’s raining.



  • 7oomm spacing
  • 25w housings
  • Dimmable
  • 10 metre in length with abilitly to connect up to 9 lengths on 25w globes.

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