Acrobatics Ground to Air Acts

A unique Ground to Air Act for your next Event; Daring Acrobatics to thrill!

What is a Ground to Air act? Is it Acrobatics?

Ground to Air acts are performances or acrobatics that usually involve either a solo artist launching a prop into the air or a group of artists throwing another performer into the air. These acts are similar to ground acts but may require rigging, a higher roof height or larger space to perform in. These acts are true show stoppers and work as a climax to your event before you open the dance floor or start your charity auction. Acts Include Chinese Pole and pole dancing, Russian Bar, a see saw style act called teeter-board and rare acts like Perch. For a look at some of our Ground to Air Acts, or for inspiration, please see out Pinterest Boards or Circus Definitions page.

a collage of various forms of acrobatics

How much room do Ground to Air Acts utilise?

This is a very hard question to answer without looking at a specific act. Some ground to air acts may only need roof height, where others may need rigging or a safety line. Generally, this is negotiated based on your space. If you would like to know if a Ground to Air acrobatic act is right for your event, contact us to discuss. They are definitely worth it as they have the largest visual impact!

Russian Bar performers preparing for a set of skills and acrobatics

When are Ground to Air Acts a good idea?

Ground to Air Acts are a great way to add a final awe-inspiring moment during a product launch, or as a big number opener for you gala or conference. They are the rarest circus acts in the World, and leave your audiences and patrons stunned and thrilled. They are definitely a powerful tool in your event arsenal. Acrobatics that stun and amaze. 

How long do one of these amazing acts last?

Most of these acts run for around 4-6 minutes, occasionally can go as long as 8 or 10, however this is very dependant on the type of act in this category and the amount of artists in the act. A solo Chinese pole act will rarely last longer than 6 minutes, whereas a Russian bar may push 7 or so minutes or can be condensed down to 4 minutes.

teeterboard acrobatics

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