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Sep 08

Adam Davis – Chinese Pole/ Flying Trapeze/ Adagio/ Acrobatics

Adam Davis, has recently finished a two year contract with Cirque Du Soleil performing poles and trampoline in Tokyo’s resident show, ‘Zed’.

Quick facts about this performer.

Adam first became an international performer at the Singapore Arts Festival in 2002 performing Capoeira with Groupo Capoeira Brazil. It was Capoeira that inspired Adam to pursue a career in physical arts. In 2005 Adam graduated from NICA with a Bachelor of Circus Arts. At NICA, Adam trained in the arts of Chinese Poles, Flying Trapeze, Adagio, Banquin, Acrobatics and Juggling.

What do you get with this package?

  • Flame throwing performance and blah blah
  • Whirly twirly stuff that is really cool
  • Hoops and other round things that spin and stuff
  • The hokey pokey dance

Promotion shots for this performer.

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Add some standard text in here about the process of booking or finding out about the process. blah blah just adding text here now. Here is another sentence look at me go! Isn't this great...


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