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Our lighting stock caters for most major events, functions, Theatre and Touring Productions.

After Dark Theatre has been careful to select a range of lighting fixtures that serve multiple purposes. Whether you have a corporate dinner and want an impressive band floor package, or are touring a circus production and need a visually impacting rig, we have it all. Here is a collection of some of our more popular lanterns and lighting stock.

Our Light Fixtures

chauvet intimidator 450 irc

RGBW Cell-controlled Moving Head LED Wash

Martin Rush MH6

RGBW Moving head LED Wash

Chauvet Hybrid 140sr

Spot/ Beam/ Wash Moving head fixture

Martin Mac 550

Colour Wheel Medium Moving head Spot with Animation Wheel

Chauvet intimidator 475z

Colour Wheel Moving Head LED Spot with Dual Prisms

CMY Large LED Moving Head Spot with Framing Shutters and high CRI

Chauvet Pix M Usb

RGBW Tilting head, Pixel Map LED Strip Wash Light

Chauvet colorband usb

RGB Pixel Map LED Strip Wash Light

Chauvet Slimpar pro H

RGBWAUv LED Parcan Wash with Barn-doors

Decorative lighting / FX & Atmospherics

festoons with LED bulb

700mm spacing (designer globes & coloured globes available). Also available are low wattage table decorations.

mirror ball

300, 500, 600mm balls available and custom sizes.

hurricane 1600

High output smoke machine.

2D hazer chauvet

Medium output water based haze

4D hazer

Medium output water based haze

Lighting and Control software / Consoles / Playback / Visualisation 

a dmx lighting console

All in one industry standard lighting console. Available with 4 DMX universes or 2048 parameters 

Small digital lighting desk control for small to medium shows for on the road touring, with Timecode. Available in 512, 1024, 1536 and 2048 parameters.

3D program for lighting design and concept creation, in-built with Lumen data.

Supports up to 14 universes of complex LED structures. Ideal for architectural displays or large scale LED walls.

Projection Mapping, Media Server and live visual mixing software. Available with Midi pad for live scenarios

A windows based playback system to help you play your cues. Considered the PC Qlab.

Projection mapping made easy with this small computer bundle to allow amazing effects in only a few minutes

Small single phase dimmer that allows fixtures to be controlled via DMX.

Basic lighting console designed for small theatre shows with minimal rigs or for a permanent install to drive faders up and down.

Don't see what you are looking for?

If you can't find a fixture that will substitute, or really need a particular lighting fixture, we can help. We have a larger range of control, dimming, cabling and network solutions and are able to source many other fixtures through our supplier network. After Dark Theatre is here to help. 

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