Martin Mac 550

Martin Mac 550 Moving Head Spot

The Martin MAC 550 features unprecedented output for a 400 W profile, astounding graphics and animation, a motorized zoom and new color and gobo motors. Designed as a perfect floor package light, or as a rich colour theatrical lantern, The Mac 550 is one of few fixtures that feature an animation wheel, which helps is the creation of light in motion and ripple effects in theatre and event set ups.

Martin Mac 550


  • 400 W short arc discharge lamp
  • 2 x 8 position color wheels plus open
  • Gobo animation wheel with full movement / direction control
  • 9 static and 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open
  • Interchangeable rotating prism
  • Motorized iris
  • Strobe effect up to 10 Hz, random strobe, pulse effects, instant open and blackout
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Mechanical dimming
  • Pan and tilt range of 540°/246°
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and servicing
  • Electronic ballast with hot lamp restrike and flicker free light
  • Variable fan control for quieter operation

  • For similar products, please see the following fixtures that are also a Spot unit: Chauvet Hybrid 140SR, Chauvet Inimidator 475Z and Chauvet Professional Maverick Mk2 

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