Par 16

Par 16 Parcan 

A Parcan light is a sealed beam unit that consists of a lamp, reflector and lens. Often referred to as PAR (Parabolic Aluminised Reflector) lights, a Parcan lantern produces a very intense light quality. Therefore, they are particularly suited to producing deep colours or special lighting effects.PAR lamps and their fixtures are widely used in theatre, concerts and motion picture production. They are often mounted in can-shaped fixtures known as PARCANs, which can be used to generate colours by fitting them with colored sheets called gels. Due to their affordability, they are ideal for colour washes in several different colours. However, because of the lack of dynamic control over the beam diameter, shape and sharpness, PARs are rarely used as Front of House lights other than for front washes but can be used for special effect lighting such as lighting from directly above or from extreme angles as well as general wash lights overhead/above stage. If used cleverly, par cans can provide low budget productions with good effects.

PAR64 sealed beam lamps are often used for these purposes; they are typically available with 250, 500 or 1000 watt power ratings. Beam spreads are designated as FL (flood), SP (spot), NSP (narrow spot), and VNSP (very narrow spot), as stamped on the back of the lamp’s reflector.

Par 16


  • 240v version
  • no transformer required
  • able to be dimmed via dimming rack and console
  • 60w power usage 

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