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Stage Crew for your next production

Highly experienced Stage Crew for your next function, venue or event.

Whether it is a day set-up and you need a spare set of technical hands, or a tour that is interstate and need a team of operators, Talk to us. We are able to source highly skilled stage crew for any event, venue or production. All of our crew have had experience on a number of different productions, and present themselves in a professional manner. 

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What we offer

After Dark Theatre has a database of technicians and stage crew personnel for any theatrical job. If you need a stage manager calling your event, or a lighting operator, then look no further. Within our skills network, we have adept lighting, sound, stage management, audio visual, wardrobe, make-up and general crew. We are able to cater for corporate events, as well as supply stage crew for high-end touring work or large scale major productions. If you are an independent producer looking for crew for a small to medium scale production, look no further. We can also provide design services to help you with your venue paperwork.

Stage crew problem solving

I have a venue and need a long term, professional solution

After Dark Theatre provides crew to a number of theatres and institutions in Victoria and South Australia. we also supply crew when there is a skills shortage or if you have your resident technician needing to take time off. We can offer you a highly trained individual as well as consultation and equipment services to make your venue run smoothly. This is not limited to one individual. If you require multiple technicians or want us to deal with your venues roster so you don’t have to worry about your venue, we will have crew for the next gig and take all of the administrative burden of crewing your band room, function space or theatre. We offer a no lock in contract crew solution for short and long term stage crew services. 

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I have a festival site and want stage crew

We have had vast experience with major art and live music festivals. Included in our portfolio are: Melbourne Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Provocare Festival, Reklinghausen Fringe Festival in Germany, Edinburgh Fringe festival in Scotland, Hawkers Bizarre at Southbank, Tasmanian Circus Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Hawkes Bay arts festival in New Zealand, Lost Lands and Castlemaine Festival.

We can take control of a dedicated stage or venue in your festival, or we can crew the entire site. We can aid in the initial preparation phase, organising crewing and managing your roster so you do not need to worry about crew penalties and personnel again.

If you would like to enquire about our crewing services, click on the button below. We are happy to chat and see how we can ease your crewing burden.

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