They Say She’s Different

They Say She's Different

"There are few performances out there that can truly achieve this level of authenticity and raw emotion than that of They Say She’s Different. Visually stunning and highly entertaining."
-The Weekend Hunt-

They Say She's Different

It's the hard hitting early 70's where sex sells, music is god, women are shouting out, change is constant, and a good time is what counts.

Betty Davis was right in the middle of it.

A young woman who embodied this change purely because her raw spirit lived by it. Raunchy, sassy, and screeching like a cat on heat. A musician, songwriter, singer and producer in her own right. The celebrity's celebrity. The folk she be down with read like a who’s who of the 70’s music scene from Jazz to Rock to Funk and Soul. Briefly married to jazz legend  Miles Davis introducing him to her good friend Jimi Hendrix, recording with Sly, Santana, The Pointer Sisters, writing hit songs for the Chambers Brothers, not to mention dating Eric Clapton, Betty was the connection THEY all wanted, the NEW they all dared to be. But Betty's natural dynamism and musical daring were too much for the so called liberated 70's with the public deeming her too edgy, the black community denouncing her bad girl image, and the music industry dropping her cold. From the North Carolinian girl-next-door to the patron saint of bad-ass on stage Betty was a force even the 70's could not fully embrace. This influential spirit was to remain largely unknown in American music culture.

THEY SAY SHE'S DIFFERENT is Immersive Theatre of the highest order! 

Be prepared to be thrust into the early 70's in a 60 minute cinematic, theatrical and musical journey about Betty's life. Premiering in 2014 in Melbourne at iconic music venue Ding Dong Lounge, and rocking out the Space Theatre for the 2014 Adelaide Cabaret Festival and Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne for the 2015 Melbourne Fringe this show compels audiences to leap out of their seats to boogie! Driven by the music of Betty Davis this show is a snapshot of her pivotal early years giving us a glimpse into the heady world of music, women's liberation,  and a changing society as we re-imagine what a Betty Davis gig might have been like. 

She sang about kinship and its loss, of choices, mistakes, and death. She sang about her power as a woman and being heard, and about having a good time despite it all! 


There was so much going on in They Say She’s Different, but at no point was it overwhelming. Cecilia Low is a brilliant, vicious performer who has summoned the spirit of early Betty Davis. The show is a masterpiece, a perfect example of every player doing their part, passionately engaged with the material.  

Tom Bensley



The band is tight, the direction innovative, and the Low’s performance as Betty Davis is a convincing and at times heart-wrenching portrayal of one of funk and rock’s shining lights.

The CityLane


There are few performances out there that can truly achieve this level of authenticity and raw emotion than that of They Say She’s Different. Visually stunning and highly entertaining, this performance is of the killer shows of this years’ Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The Modern Con
The Weekend Hunt

About They Say She's Different

  • Can suit a variety of venues: Cabaret/ in the round/ Catwalk/ Theatre/ Tent
  • Has Non Circus Acts
  • Has Live Band
  • Effects like Smoke/ Haze/ Strobe
  • Show can be set-up, performed and packed down in one day.

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**This production is part of Cicasa and Cammy Z productions**

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