Variety Performers

Variety Performers, Magicians, sideshow and alternative entertainment for your next function, expo or event

Who are Variety Performers?

Variety performers are acts related to the circus, but were traditionally not acrobatic. These acts were the sideshow or midway attractions in traditional circus; the freaks, the mystics, the showmen. Acts that fall into these categories include: Magicians, fire artists and breathers, tarot readers, burlesque performers, wrestlers, snake charmers, stand-up comedians, ventriloquists and strongmen and strong-women. For a selection of Variety artists, please see our Pinterest Boards or Circus Definitions page.

A selection of variety performers

When should I use Variety Performers?

Variety acts are perfectly suited for any event. As the name suggests, they bring a great deal of variety to any entertainment. Use Variety Performers to compliment a theme by having them work the room at the beginning of the night, or have a stand-up comic lighten the mood as mains get served. Have a Tarot reader at your event the entire night next to the auction tables or near the candy buffet.

How long do variety artists last for?

Just like any other Circus act, Variety Performers can either be roving or a feature. As roving, they work in hour blocks and can be booked up to 4 hours, adhering to rest breaks within each hour. If they are a featured number or act, the act can vary up to an hour in length! Most Variety acts for corporate entertainment stand at approximately 5- 20 minutes. 

variety perofrmers

Burlesque, fire, belly dancers, tarot readers? There is a big variety here? where do I start with my enquiry?

There is a large variety in variety performers (pun intended). The best thing is to contact us to explain your event or function, what your ideas are and we will offer our expertise on what we believe will compliment your event.

fire performers, are also considered variety performers

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