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Audio Visual and Video (VJ) services

AV & VJ services for your next event, production or function.

If you prefer moving image projected to surfaces or something to compliment a DJ to your event, then why not utilise our AV and VJ services? After Dark Theatre is able to design and operate high impact visuals to compliment your event. This form of passive entertainment is designed to engage your audience or to immerse them into your event. It is also a great compliment to a DJ or the dance bracket of your evening.

nightclub with a Vjay portraying high end visuals

What is a Visual or Video Jockey (VJ)?

A VJ, is an audio visual artist that mixes images, videos and other multimedia to create dynamic vision based entertainment. This is usually projected on a surface via projector or LED screens. A VJ usually works alongside a DJ as they try to mix the imagery to the music. A VJ can been seen in concerts, nightclubs, music festivals and live corporate events. These artists are a great way to turn your boring presentation screens post speaker, into a dynamic visual feast for your patrons on the dance-floor once formalities are over.

Long-term AV or VJ solutions.

If you are a bar, club or function space and need someone to work with your visuals or be that on-sell to secure a client, utilise us! We offer venues a selection of operating crew so your venue runs smoothly, without the burden of organising skilled personnel. We also offer other Crewing services

a VJ with the crowd

What other AV services do you provide?

We provide a number of content creation services. If you need someone to organise a new PowerPoint for your speaker, or to freshen up content, perhaps to edit a small teaser, let us know, we can help. We also can provide seasoned AV experts to help you plan out your content and operate your shows.

Do you sell loops and Videos?

We will be shortly! Check out our ADT Marketplace and watch this space!

Vj loops on display

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