Themed Event Ideas

The Perfect Selection of Event Ideas and Themed Events For Your Next Corporate function.

Welcome to our themed events and event ideas; be sure to check back regularly to see updated productions. Looking for an idea for your next themed event? Check out our pre-existing packages that are on offer. Do you like something but it's not perfectly suited to your needs? No problems, we can customise our services to create the ideal match for your next corporate function.

Gatsby event ideas

Charlie Carbone's Cotton Club

A perfect Gatsby theme/ Gangster's ball themed circus party

Be greeted by Charlie’s security before Charlie takes you on a tour of the club, meeting and greeting all of Charlies ‘connections’ and ‘friends’ from shady guys in suits, to floozies that have a little too much to drink.

"AfterDark Theatre must be applauded"
-Arts Hub-

mardi gras event ideas

The Secret Circus Society

What better way to get your clients or patrons excited about a party than to bring the biggest party from the craziest city of New Orleans! Marching band madness, flamboyant parades, Cajun and Creole flavour ,crazy voodoo; The Secret Circus Society  are here to make your night a little wild, a little sexy, and a whole lotta fun!

"If every circus act could be like ‘Society’, there could be a real circus renaissance..."
-Theatre People-

dancefloor themed events

Glow Show

Mixing a high tech Tron style theme with some of the world's leading circus artist; Welcome to the Glow Show. Suited for clubs, galas with a tech twist, or just a party that needs some creative eye-candy. The Glow Show is all about high visuals, bright costumes and a creative lighting design with Dj's as an added option.

"This is a fabulous concept!"
-Arts Hub-

garden party themed events

Garden Party

Looking for a majestic theme to suit almost any indoor or outdoor event? The Garden party is a perfect way to entertain your patrons with a world of living creatures, statues and garden nymphs.

A highly customizable theme with the world's best circus acts that can be scaled to any event size.

"The roving artists were amazing and really made our event the stand out of the roadshow"
-Client; Accenture -