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Circus & Variety Performers for your function or event.

Finding the right Performers for your next event starts here.

Whether it is a private function, theme night or corporate event, After Dark Theatre can help you find the perfect form of event entertainment. We cater anything from a large scale corporate act, all the way to a small, intimate performance for a birthday. We pride ourselves in having a selection of the world's leading performers. Most of our artists have worked with the likes of major circus companies, both in Australia and abroad. Some of these companies include Cirque Du Soleil, Circus Oz, C!rca, and many prestigious European Circuses. 

Have a look below and let us know what kind of performer you are looking for. If you are still unsure, browse our categories or look over to our client resources in the FAQ, Circus Definitions page or our Pinterest boards. 

What kind of circus artist are you looking for?

Performers that work the room and engage with your patrons.

Artist from a themed circus show

High skilled performers with minimal requirements, performing on stage.

Requiring Rigging, these performers soar above your patrons with skill and grace.

performers performing on a teeterboard

Daring Acrobatics that are well suited to be a featured act of the evening.

Variety performers performing magic

Burlesque, Magicians, Tarot readers, Snake charmers and all the sideshow and midway attractions

A range of performers such as Master or Ceremonies, Dancers, DJs and VJs.

I'm creating a show for clients, I just need to cast some speciality acts!

Not to worry, we offer white-labelling of our artists, so when you cast them from our database, they work and perform under your name.

We offer a range of casting options for corporate events or even major long-term productions. Our artists have worked on major musicals, operas, arena spectaculars and even festivals. We are able to cast at any production capacity, from large scale to one-off corporate shows.

a performer entertaining the crowd

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