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Non Circus and other entertainment options available!

What are the other forms of entertainment? I thought you were a Circus agency?

After Dark Theatre is more than just an circus agency, we offer other entertainment options to compliment our circus artists or as stand-alone entertainment for your event. Our other artists include: Belly dancers, themed DJs and other musical acts, Visual artists like VJs; who mix images on projection to make a great visual impact on your event. We also offer master of ceremonies or MCs, who introduce the formalities of the evening, announce the dance-floor is now open, or guide your clients through the event.

other entertainment options

I have never heard of a VJ?

Vjs are great alternatives to add moving art or content to your projectors after formalities have concluded. They work well with a Dj, sometimes coming paired with one, and involve mixing video clips into each other to create an amazing music videos during the dance brackets or to colour up a bare wall you have at your event. They are great to mix with alternative performance options.

a dj is amongst other entertainment options

So, I can book all of my other entertainment options with you?

Yes! We are a one stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. We also offer Production assistance, lighting equipment hire and other full entertainment packages. See our other entertainment sections here: Production Design and Shows.

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