Ground Circus Acts

Ground Circus Acts for your next Event, Production or Function

What is a Circus Ground Act?

Ground acts are usually low requirement circus acts that are based on the floor. Only needing a floor, these acts can be a great way to add a Carnival flair to your event. They are easily adaptable to cater for any function or event. The acts that fall into this type of Circus includes: Hula hoops, juggling, acrobatics, handstands, Cyr wheel and anything that doesn't involve rigging. For a look at some types of floor based acts, please see our Pinterest Boards or Circus Definitions pages. 

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How much room does a Ground Act take up?

A ground act can vary in size. From a juggler meeting and greeting your patrons, to acrobats and a German wheel on a 10 metre stage. Majority of non- acrobatic floor acts such as a juggler or handstand performer normally utilise around 3 metres of space. Larger acrobatic acts may require 5 or so metres like acrobatics and Cyr Wheel performers, and the largest ground acts like a German Wheel may need up to a full stage of 10 metre length.

What are Ground Circus Acts good for in my event?

Ground acts are a great centrepiece to a private party. They also work well in a functions or event as a break, whether post formalities, just before dinner, in a breakup of awards or as a way to start the party and the dance-floor. 

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How long does a circus act last for?

Generally, a ground based circus act that is high impact like acrobatics, contortion or hula hoops usually lasts between 4-6 minutes. Low impact acts such fire twirling or a comedian may last a little longer. As a general rule, most acts won't last longer than 10 minutes unless the circus artist tailor makes a customised performance or show for you. If you are looking for a 10-25 minute segment of entertainment to fit in-between formalities, contact us and we can customise an option to suit you and your budget.

What about Roving Entertainment? Isn't that a circus act that goes for longer?

Roving entertainment involves an artists interacting and performing to small groups of patrons, usually during the opening of your event, or as light entertainment in breaks of formalities. These are not full acts, more like walk-by entertainment where the artists 'roam' or 'rove' around the room. In most cases, this is an add-on form of entertainment that would compliment a featured stage act or to help immerse your patrons into your theme and world.

Roving artists are usually booked for an hour interval, broken down as either 3 x 10 minute, 2 x 20 minute slots or 1 x 45 minute slots within the hour. You can book most roving artists for greater than an hour and a maximum of 3 hours. For more information on Roving Artists, Click Here.

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