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Creating a Themed Event.

Every event or function needs a little something to make it stand out. A clever way to make your event differ from others is to introduce a theme or concept. This is where we can help. Our team are able to create a unique concept, bespoke event or themed function so your clients and patrons are entertained throughout the night. This service can include: tailor-made entertainment packages, a custom show, room renders to visualise your theme, music and live entertainment to match your vision and much more. Themed events are a very popular way to make all of your entertainment match and suit your function.

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Where do I start with a themed event? The 5 basic Theme design fundamentals.

To develop a theme, consider the following:

  • Who are your patrons or clientele? Look at their demographic. What industry / lifestyle do they have?
  •  What is the event to them? Is the event an award ceremony, an appreciation dinner, a product launch, or just a wild party to celebrate something?
  • Has there been a recent World event, movie release, place that clients have visited or anything that is more personal or popular amongst your patrons? 
  • Is there a major (or minor) Holiday or celebration coming up? (Mardi Gras, Christmas, May the 4th etc.?)
  • Does your demographic/ company/ person of the event, have a colour scheme, preferred colour or particular branding? 

With those basic 5 questions in mind, you can look at how to piece together a theme. You can also see our Inspiration boards on Pinterest to get a head start. Of course, feel free to look at our inspiration and make it your own!

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Not sure what you want? Leave it to the design experts.

Creating unique productions and themes is what we excel at. We can work out a suitable theme for your clientele demographic, customise a performance to make it memorable, design your colour-scheme and aid you in the operation and execution of your event.

There is no event too big or too small; from a side room at a bar or club, to a themed event gala night in a major function space; we are able and happy to help. If you are really stuck, look at some of our Themed Event shows that we have pre-made.

Think you have the theme sorted and now need help to make it a reality? 

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